The manuscripts should be original with proper referencing.
The concept, data and results and other intellectual property should be authentic and unpublished.
Information from secondary sources should be used only when the Author(s)(s) have taken prior permission from the owner of the source.
In the cases of human experimentation, the author(s) should include a statement confirming that the work was done in accordance to the legal and ethical standards.
If the author(s) want to include patients’ photographs, descriptions, and pedigrees; he/she/they should include a signed statement of informed consent from the patients or legal guardians (for minors).
Any conflict of interest should be declared in advance.
Author(s) should review the manuscript before submission to ensure the accuracy and validity of all the data, results, and references.
The same manuscripts should not be submitted to more than one journal at a time.
By submitting the manuscript, the author(s) agree to transfer the copyrights to Parchment Editions.
Author(s) should not share the accepted but not yet published manuscript with any entity.